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Playa Vista/ Playa Del Rey Real Estate

Welcome to Playa Vista/ Playa Del Rey

Planned mixed-use tech community meets the old school beachside community of PDR.

Situated just north of LAX, LA’s Playa Vista neighborhood is where Silicon Valley meets Southern California. A newly built neighborhood on the west side of Los Angeles, Playa Vista offers office space for Silicon Valley’s biggest names and urban-style living for residents. The farmer’s market at Runway, an area with a Whole Foods Market, movie theater, 11 restaurants and over 15 stores. 

If the beach is what you want, head way out on the far western reaches of Culver Boulevard — past the Ballona marshlands, where the asphalt ends and the few meager acres of beach sand dunes left in Los Angeles begin — is a small coastal enclave with a history of perseverance that befits its grandiose name: Playa del Rey, the beach of the king.

Today, Playa del Rey retains much of the feel of a small beach town, surrounded by towering bluffs on the east, Ballona Creek on the north and LAX to the south. And even if it’s not quite kingly, it’s still a great place to sit at the foot of the dunes and watch the sunset.

A beach town for the rest of us, Playa has its own delightfully down-to-earth vibe, with plenty of old-school dives and restaurants to hang out in, and zero pretentious airs.  A feast for the senses: In Playa you’ll see planes taking off from LAX, an endless procession of sailboats coming and going from Marina del Rey and, after sunset, massive cargo ships lying at anchor.

Rest and relaxation: Plentiful street parking, the Marvin Braude Bike Trail, the Del Rey Lagoon Park, and, of course, the Pacific Ocean, make Playa a great place to spend a warm summer day.